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Artisan Beer, Wine & (eventually) Spirits

Monday -
Thursday  - 5pm-10pm
Friday - 5pm-11pm
Saturday - 3pm -11pm
Sunday - Closed
(Not enough Sunday Drinkers in Hadley!)

The Taproom of Hadley Massachusetts is an Artisan supporting beer and wine tasting room. Our Goal is simple. To focus on the “Little guy”. That is, small craft breweries wineries and eventually distilleries. We want our customers to sample the local flavors and hopefully continue to support our small business owners.

Our Taproom theme is also “Artisan”. We will be small, quaint, clean and pretty low key. We will be a tasting room for people who like to come in and taste / sample various small batch locally produced craft drinks. Our customers can have a pint with a group of friends, get a glass of wine and connect to the internet, sit in a romantic corner with their date or find a nice place to relax while their child is learning to dance like an Irishman or Kick like a Blackbelt (Businesses that flank our space).

The Taproom is not a music venue, although we may have some acoustic entertainment in the future. We are not a frat house. We are not partying till 2am. We call our space a bit "Swankier" than a Brewery but not as stuffy as a five star dinning establishment.

We do not serve food but feel free to order a delivery from any local establishment, bring in your own or pick up our "Food Fone" to order from our partner restaurant (Wings Over Amherst) and your food will be delivered fast and free!.

The Taproom will be a very cool place to socialize and grab some western mass culture and flare as well as taste the awesomeness that our local Artisans are providing for us. 

Call us. We never charge for our "Semi-Private Space". 

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